Cheat Sheets

Mostly one page documents that are sufficient enough to get the job done. Some of these are very old, but people are still accessing them.


WebAuthn Experiment

An implementation of WebAuthn to demonstrate password-less authentication, and explore possible ways to authenticate the same account from different platforms. This has been implemented only for platform authenticator, requiring browser versions support WebAuth, and built-in authenticator, such as Android phones and Windows Hello, with version update within a year -- WebAuthn is relatively new.

CentOS 7, Systemd, Mesos

A sample installation for CentOS7, explained systemd (new init service), and quick install and run Mesos/Marathon

Oracle Database x86-64bit for RHEL4 installation

Say, you have a brand new Red Hat Linux AS4 (64bit), and you have done up2date to synch up all the packages. And then you downloaded Oracle Database x86-64, you would think you could run the OUI and sail through the process. Think again. The x86-64bit database installer was linked with some 32 bit libraries, and some earlier version of libraries that you have to get them installed or rolled back (to earlier revision)...

Setup Oracle Logical Standby Database

With two Oracle 10.2.0 x86-64 servers, one is to be the logical standby of the other.

Oracle Memory Performance

Notes on how to optimize the memory usage on your Oracle server (Linux).

Logical Volume Manager

Dell PowerEdge with Linux installation comes with LVM. You can add a new disk partition or increase an existing disk partition on the fly.


Some notes on Zombie Cookies

The prescribed methods of deleting zombie cookies have been verified, with zombie-cookie implementations on a test server.

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